Broken Highways, Gun Clubs and Mud Volcanoes

Bonus Images of The Week

Bolsa Chica Gun Club and Mud Volcanoes – March 11, 1933

Today is the 77th anniversary of the Long Beach Earthquake, and I’m tossing up a few more bonus images of earthquake damage.

The Bolsa Chica Gun Club off Pacific Coast Highway in the Bolsa Chica marshes is long gone, but it did survive the 1933 Long Beach Earthquake as shown in these photographs taken the day after the quake.

Road between Seal Beach and the Bolsa Chica Gun Club. Pacific Electric Red Car tracks can be seen in the upper left corner.  Photo by W.W. Bradley.

Bolsa Chica Gun Club bridge. Photo by W.W. Bradley.

Bolsa Chica Gun Club. Photo from Mr. Merritt.

Bolsa Chica Gun Club. Photo from Mr. Merritt.

Mud volcano on the North end of Seal Beach. Photo by W.W. Bradley.

You can see these and other photos of damage from the March 10, 1933 Long Beach Earthquake at the U.S. Geologic Survey photographic library by clicking here.

Time permitting, I’ll share some more photos of earthquake destruction in Seal Beach (and perhaps an ironic tale of Seal Beach’s sinful past) later this week.

We’ll share more historical pictures and photos of Seal Beach as the year progresses.   Be sure to check back every Monday for a new Seal Beach image.

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