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Seal Beach Junior Police – 1929

Fellow Seal Beach history buff Stan Berry e-mailed us a couple of weeks ago to graciously offer to share some of his collection of photographs and memorabilia from Seal Beach Police Department and Fire Department history.  The two photos in today’s post is the first of what we hope will be many contributions from Stan. 

This is a 1929 group photo of the Seal Beach Police Department under the command of Chief A. G. Johnson. One of the programs that Chief Johnson was instrumental with was the organization of a juvenile police force of six (6) members.   These boys were chosen from their school because of the record  they held for trustworthiness, faithfulness to duty and the ability to work successfully with their schoolmates.  The duties of the juvenile police  were to protect little children at all times and to see that vacant property was not vandalized.  The boys met with the Chief each Saturday to discuss any problems.

 The second photo is of one of the miniature police badges that the boys were presented when being sworn in by Chief Johnson.  This particular  badge is currently displayed at the Red Car Museum.


Thanks, Stan.

We’ll share more historical pictures and photos of Seal Beach as the year progresses.   Be sure to check back each Monday for a new Seal Beach image.

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7 Responses to Our Boys in Blue

  1. Jeff Kirkpatrick says:

    Stan… Great job compiling the Department history! I look forward to more photos of the S


  2. Jeff Kirkpatrick says:

    …finishing the comment… SBPD and discovering more of its history! Thanks.


  3. Ric Dizon says:

    Great job on posting historical information of Seal Beach. Always look forward to your posts!


  4. While I can’t be 100% certain, this photo appears to have been taken at the main entrance of the Seal Beach Elementary School. I don’t have a photo from this angle to confirm this, but if you look at the earthquake damage photos at https://sbfoundersday.wordpress.com/2010/03/08/now-theyre-just-more-bricks-in-the-wall, the design and brickwork match.
    – Mike


  5. Thanks, Rick. You’re not the only one who feels that way. Stan’s first post had more visits on its first day than any previous post on this blog. We’re lucky Stan’s so generous.


  6. Stan Berry says:

    I wanted to thank everyone that took the time with posting their comments and or input in reference to the photos. I was glad to hear that someone had an idea of where that photo was taken. It would make sense that it was taken at the Seal Beach Elementary School since the information related to the photo, as I received it, was the touting of the junior police force.


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