Seal Beach School Days

Seal Beach Elementary School – 10/1924

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Every September, Seal Beach kids  return to nine months of homework, pop quizzes, and report cards. Boy, look at all those happy faces. Well, some of these kids seem happy.

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This is the class photo for Mrs. Miller’s sixth grade class at Seal Beach Elementary School (to be renamed Mary Zoeter School some point after the Long Beach earthquake). Mrs. Miller seems satisfied with eyeing the camera suspiciously while Principal C. I. Smith scans the entire class to prevent the picture being ruined by some boy making a goofy face or a girl making rabbit ears with her fingers behind the head of her best friend. Kids! Never take your eyes off them for even one second, or pandemonium will ensue.

The real lesson we can all learn from this photo is to label your photos. Not a single name of any of the students were written on the back of this photo, and it seems unlikely at this late date that we’ll ever find out who these students were.

Be sure to check back each week for more historical photos and stories of Seal Beach.

– Michael Dobkins

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2 Responses to Seal Beach School Days

  1. Bob King says:

    I have the eighth grade graduating class picture, Seal Beach Elementary School, 1948. Taken on the steps of the auditorium.

    I’d like to get a copy to the Founders’ Day people, but don’t know how to proceed.

    Give me a little help here.

    Also have the program for the eighth grade Parents’ Week play ……”White Gipsy King” ….probably can’t say that any more! I was the king in that play (appropriate, since my last name is King) and I can still remember one of my lines ….it may have been the only line ……”I will brook no interference!” Had no idea what the hell it meant, but my deliver was impeccable!!

    Would like to get a copy of that program (which belonged to Nadine Carroll) to the Founders’ Day people, too, but, again, don’t know how to proceed.

    I can be reached via email (address below) or by telephone ….949.422.6526

    Bob King


  2. michael1858 says:

    I went to Seal Beach Elementary School in 1948 sure would like a copy
    Michael McDowell


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