Greetings From Seal Beach

Main Street Mondays – 1956

Main Street in Seal Beach  has been a favorite subject for photographers throughout its 95 years of history.  Every Monday between now and the end of the Seal Beach Founders Celebration, we’ll be posting a different image of Main Street.

This is Main Street 48 years ago, not last year’s Seal Beach Car Show.

On the right, Marina Cleaners occupies the current location of Seal Beach Music.   On the side of the building where Endless Summer operates today,  a painted advertisement tells us, “Bathers Welcome,” apparently to come inside and enjoy “cold drinks” and “malts” and “sundaes” made from delicious “Mountain View ice cream.”  Next door is Seal Beach Music, followed by the Edgewater Pre-School.

Further down, you can visit a rock shop,  Vinzant’s Variety, and John’s Food King. In the distance, we see Brock’s Drugs (better known to many of us later as the Corner Drug) and further down, the Bay Theater.

On the left, it’s a little harder to make out the details.  The Irisher Cafe now occupies the Bob And Chet’s Cafe and Cocktail Lounge location at 121 Main Street,  Further down a Rexall drugs store occupies a familiar spot, but it’s probably a few years before it becomes Bob’s Rexall.  The Walt’s Wharf building hosts the long gone Marina Market, and a cafe sign hangs in front of what was once the Green Pepper Mexican restaurant (and then BJ’s Pizza and now Woody’s Diner).

Be sure to check back each week for more historical photos and stories of Seal Beach.

– Michael Dobkins

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5 Responses to Greetings From Seal Beach

  1. DAVID PRIVETT says:

    I believe the silver/grey VW in the first and second picture is my wife Jerri ‘s and my car. it is a 1956 small rear window with a repaint job which is not a factory color. I never saw another one like it. Especially rare in a small beach town.

    Dave Privett


  2. sbkaren says:

    These pictures are so fun to look through! I can’t imagine where you found them all! Can’t wait for the historic slide show.


  3. Debbie (Bowers) Hoff says:

    I love looking at these pics of Seal Beach. I was twelve at the time and still remember many of the old stores we had back then, especially Vinzant’s Variety – that and the Bay Theater were 2 of my favorites (oh, and the fish market where Walt’s Wharf is now!) I really miss those days!


  4. BeachBumRAP says:

    I doubt that the picture is as recent as 1962. I don’t see any car that is newer than the red 1957 Ford heading toward the camera or the 1957 Chevy in the left foreground. If it were 1962 you would see at least one car newer than 1957.


    • Michael Dobkins says:

      You’re probably right, BeachBumRap. The 1962 date is either from a copyright or a postmark on the postcard. The postcard I scanned this from is in storage right now. Dating these things is sometimes an inexact science.

      Take Care,


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