That Colossal Wreck, Boundless and Bare

Los Angeles Gas and Electric Corp. Steam Plant – 1967

Today’s post is a companion piece to this earlier post featuring film footage of the steam plant being demolished in 1967.  Joyce Kucera, who provided the footage in the earlier post found some photographs taken on the same day and has once again generously shared them with us.

There’s something stately and dignified about the husk of this grand old building.  The film footage was exciting to watch, but these color photographs evoked the same vivid fascination I felt as a youngster witnessing the steam plant slowly disappearing day by day. I wonder if I was just a little further down First Street when these shots were taken.

Thank you so much for going to the trouble to find these, Joyce.

click on the image for a larger view

click on the image for a larger view

click on the image for a larger view

An earlier post offered more details on the steam plant’s history in Seal Beach.

Be sure to check back each week for more historical photos and stories of Seal Beach.

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6 Responses to That Colossal Wreck, Boundless and Bare

  1. Bob King says:

    Hey …. I have a few photos of Seal Beach taken 1948-50 or so. Also have Seal Beach Grammar School 1948 Commencement announcement (my name’s in it ….what a coincidence!) and pictures of the 8th grade teachers.

    A few shots of my dad’s bakery (now part of an Irish saloon whose name I can’t recall) and a photo of Vinzant’s Variety Store and some other candid stuff. Have a pic of me with my first barracuda taken in front of Art’s Bait and Tackle where I worked for a short time.

    Also “worked” for the Seal Beach Post and Wave. Most of the time, however, I worked my young butt off for my father at the bakery. I have since regained most of my butt.

    Scanner is not functional and I doubt I’ll have it repaired. I frequent the Long Beach VA Medical Center about every three months, so I’m in Seal Beach during those times ….mostly to pick up the cold smoked fish platters at Walt’s Wharf.

    So, I’ll try to get organized and locate all the stuff Seal Beach and get to you if you’re interested. Give me some time, please.

    Contact me via email, if you like, or by phone at 949 870 0790. I live in Newport.


  2. vera says:

    i too have a copy of the seal beach grammar school graduation exercises program dated June 3, 1948 – and yes Robert Gene King is listed. I also have a copy of The White Gipsy program that you are listed in as “baritone”. It is signed all over and your signature is on it. The date is Thursday evening, April 29, 1948.

    I don’t know where i got these items ( I just collect stuff. I would be glad to mail them to you if you give me your address.


  3. Robert King says:

    Vera …! What a surprise!! I’d love to have the items you mentioned and would be happy to pick them up if you’re in the general area of Seal/Long/Huntington/Sunset/Newport/Laguna Beaches.

    If not, my mailing address is: 521 Baywood Drive, Newport Beach, California 92660

    My NEW phone number is: 949 422 6526 … any time you like.

    I will be happy to remunerate you for your kindness.



  4. vera says:

    I will mail them today.

    I’ve been keeping them safe for several years., I’m glad they have found the proper “home”. As I said I have no idea where I got them – I think they were stuck in a book or something I picked up at a thrift store or yard sale in the Orange area – I love old paper and old books.

    Enjoy your childhood memories.


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