Making The Grade

Main Street Mondays – May 1913

Main Street in Seal Beach  has been a favorite subject for photographers throughout its 95 years of history.  Every Monday between now and the end of the Seal Beach Founders Celebration, we’ll be posting a different image of Main Street.

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Having set the poles for the electric wires, workers now grade the dirt road known as Main Street in preparation for the new Pacific Electric red car line that will run along Ocean Avenue from Long Beach to Bay City before curving on to Main Street to join the Long Beach Newport line at Electric Avenue.   Landing Hill can be seen in the background, and the old pavilion stands on the right where it had been temporarily located while the new pavilions were being built.

Be sure to check back each week for more historical photos and stories of Seal Beach.

– Michael Dobkins

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4 Responses to Making The Grade

  1. Barbara (Cole) Purgett says:

    I remember driving by a Topless/Bottomless place on PCH north of Main on my way to Church in Long Beach as a young girl. I was born in 1956… Does anyone else remember or have photos of that place?? The sign would flash Topless / Bottomless, one at a time… & I remember when 12th and Electric had a small hill to accommodate the train tracks. Any photos of that hill before it was torn down and leveled??


    • Michael Dobkins says:


      Sorry, I don’t have any photos of either of those spots. The topless/bottom doesn’t ring a bell. Was it in Seal Beach or in Long Beach?

      Take Care,


  2. Anonymous says:

    Goldfingers a go go


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