January 14th In Seal Beach History

On this date in 1924, the Santa Ana Register reported that the Bayside Land Company had applied to the War Department for permission to dredge in Alamitos Bay and to use the dredged material as landfill for the tract of land between the old and new coast highways at the west side of Seal Beach.

1922 Aerial Photo of Seal Beach Facing East towards Huntington Beach

1922 Aerial Photo of Seal Beach Facing East towards Huntington Beach

It’s often hard to picture the old geography of Seal Beach from written descriptions and fit it to the current layout of the city. Here’s a closer view of a section of the 1922 photograph from above:

1922 Seal Beach Aerial DetailOkay, maybe that helps a little, but a few labels will make understanding today’s post much easier:
1922 Seal Beach Aerial Detail copyThe old coast highway followed along the south edge of Alamitos Bay just to the left of Central Way (not Central Avenue). The old coast highway connected to Naples along the street now called East Naples Plaza.

If you’ve ever wondered why Central Way follows such a crooked path between First Street and Fifth Street it’s because Central Way followed what was once the edge of Alamitos Bay in Seal Beach before it was filled with dredged materials.

The new coast highway did not exist in 1922 when this photo was taken, but you can see its approximate path in red. Today we call it Pacific Coast Highway.

The Pacific Electric bridge to Naples connected to what is now Appian Way by the Long Beach Yacht Club in the Long Beach Marina.

Just below First Street, you can seethe future site of the steam plant and the Ocean Avenue bridge to the Long Beach Peninsula.

– Michael Dobkins

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2 Responses to January 14th In Seal Beach History

  1. Mary Selby says:

    Thank you for sharing. I love hearing/reading about the history
    of Seal Beach.


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