January 23rd In Seal Beach History

On this date in 1970, the Long Beach Independent ran this advertisement for The Swedish Smörgåsbord, a much-loved Main Street dining institution.

Swedish Smorgasbord– Michael Dobkins

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2 Responses to January 23rd In Seal Beach History

  1. Anonymous says:

    Was the best,..we would walk down from the Peppermint pre school,..Kay Carroll and myself,..and eat there twice a week,..we knew the owners from when we lived at 124 Main Street it was excellent,.wholesome,.healthy, fresh, and clean,..what a great place…Enjoyed many a great meal there,..either you got there early or you waited in line for a bit but well worth the wait,..and they used to have a 69 cent lunch special back , so a lot of us would scrap the money together and eat like kings,…meatball,..mashed potatoes,..cod fish,..lingonberry whipped cream on crepes,..man this was such a great place,…sadly it’s gone and that kind of attention to detail and quality is hard to find,….we loved it and and all the memories I have of it with my mom back in those days,…thanks,…GREG Carroll


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Greg, don’t you recognize me ( John Norcom ) we had the same paper route and sometimes when either of us had a game or something we’d do each other’s route ? You were one grade below me (McGaugh)…..


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