January 30th In Seal Beach History

On this date in 1924, a newly reorganized Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce meet under the direction of president C. J. Smith. The school orchestra opened the meeting with several musical selections.

Dr. Everett Reed requested that Mrs. Padrick, city clerk, and I. C. Smith, a Los Angeles manufacturer and Seal Beach resident, assist him on the committee of industry and manufacture.

H.W. Raymer of the entertainment committee suggested that a banquet be held to promote interest and sociability.

C. M. Conlee brought to the chamber’s attention some much-needed public improvements, such as a school bond issue, a public restroom, street names installed on curbs, and a new city hall (it would take over five years for this suggestion to become a reality) .

F. L. Wilson also suggested that air transportation to Seal Beach would soon become a reality.

Finally, J. C. Putnam reported that every business firm in Seal Beach with one or two exceptions had joined and that number of members of the reinvigorated Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce would surpass one hundred before the meeting adjourned. 

All this was reported under a Santa Ana Register headline of “SEAL BEACH TO BACK CHAMBER WITH VIM.” We don’t see much vim around town nowadays.

– Michael Dobkins

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