January 31st In Seal Beach History


On this date in 1924, the Santa Ana Register reported under the headline of “SEAL BEACH REGRETS WAR ON PACIFIC SEALS” that a war against seals was advocated by fishermen due to the seals destroying too many nets and feasting “too liberally upon fish meant for human consumption.”

This annihilation of the seals was opposed in Seal Beach. The Santa Ana Register added that the “tourists and residents of Seal Beach would deeply regret to lose their companionship and the added attraction of their presence on the sand spit which they chose long years ago as the finest sun parlor on the Pacific.”

– Michael Dobkins

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One Response to January 31st In Seal Beach History

  1. Kari E Johnson says:

    Although I have a vintage photo postcard of Seal Beach that depicts a sea lion lounging on the sand, one of my regrets growing up in SB is that I never saw a live one in the shore.
    Eating seafood meant for human consumption… Uh-huh. Nearly 100 years later it’s still the same complaint.


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