February 1st In Seal Beach History

On this date in 1929, S. B. Ablis of Long Beach and Clide Maupin of Maywood were detained in the Seal Beach city jail for driving while intoxicated. Displeased by having their Friday night adventures cut short, the two men set fire to a pile of magazines and papers that were left in the jail for prisoners. They also turned on the water faucets and flooded their cell. After the smoke alert officers in the jail to the situation, the fire was extinguished and the faucets were tightened shut.

Once again, the two drunks were left alone to sober up, but before that could happen, they set fire to the bedding and the mattresses in their cell. After this blaze was doused, the police officers wisely confiscated tobacco and matches from the two prisoners.

The next day Mr. Ablis and Mr. Maupin not only suffered from what were probably terrible hangovers, but they were also fined for their antics by Judge Wilson.

– Michael Dobkins

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