February 12th In Seal Beach History

On this date in 1922, the Santa Ana Register reported that Dr. J. N. Bartholomew recovered his stolen car.

Dr. Bartholomew’s Studebaker had been taken in broad daylight several days earlier in Santa Ana.  On February 11, he had passed the thief brazenly driving the stolen car on the boulevard between Seal Beach and Santa Ana (probably today’s Westminster Boulevard or possibly Bolsa Avenue), but when he lost the thief’s trail while turning around on the street to make pursuit. It was impossible tell whether the thief had escaped to Huntington Beach or gone further down the road towards Long Beach.

The next day, the intrepid doctor, now accompanied by his wife, searched through Huntington Beach without a glimpse of the purloined Studebaker. Expanding their search towards Long Beach, they soon spotted their stolen car and chased it into Seal Beach when the thief had to stop due to a flat tire. Rather than face the good doctor (And who can blame him? Dr. Bartholomew was one determined medico!), the thief skedaddled away across a mud flat.

– Michael Dobkins

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One Response to February 12th In Seal Beach History

  1. Carla Watson says:

    Wow the beginnings of the high speed chase

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