February 22nd In Seal Beach History

On this date in 1969, the Long Beach Independent Press-Telegram carried an ad that boldly announced the grand opening of a new model in the College Park tract.

The ad copy pointed out all the expensive luxury features of the new model and then shared that “the price remains remarkably low.” Nearly five decades later, $31,290 as a starting price is now impossibly low for a home in Seal Beach, but the price of feeling nostalgic over vintage Seal Beach real estate ads always remains remarkably… free.



– Michael Dobkins

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One Response to February 22nd In Seal Beach History

  1. Lonnie Brownell says:

    I remember going with my folks to look at houses in Huntington Harbour when that was being built. They were saying “Nice, but $50,000 is sooooo expensive.” Yeah…

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