February 27th in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1975, Brunswick’s Rossmoor Inn advertised the exclusive Wednesday through Saturday engagement of the Wilder Brothers (calling themselves the Sounds of Sunshine).


There have been more than a couple Wilder Brothers in pop music, but this group consisted of three real brothers, Warner, Walter, and George. They came from a musically inclined family, and they first performed polka music as the Weidler Brothers and then switched to easy-listening and doc-wop novelty records as the Wilder Brothers. (Honestly, how could you get wilder than polka music?). They later opened their own recording studio and produce jazz and pop records.

Three highlights of the Wilder Brothers career was George’s being the second husband of Doris Day, releasing an easy-listening hit, Love Means (You Never Have To Say You’re Sorry) under the Sounds of Sunshine moniker, and, finally, performing in Rossmoor.

For a sample of the Sounds of Sunshine, er, sound, we’ve embedded the video link below. Close your eyes and pretend you’re about to get your teeth cleaned in a 1970s dental office.

– Michael Dobkins

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