March 24th in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1949, the solution to a small week-old Long Beach mystery was revealed residing in Seal Beach.

Worthmore Millinery in Long Beach once ran a regular weekly promotional ad campaign in the Long Beach Independent. The hat shop would snap a photograph with a hidden camera of an unsuspecting window shopper outside the store, and then the photo would be featured in a Thursday newspaper advertisement like this one from March 17th, 1949.

March_17_Worthmore_Hats_Mystery_WomanOn March 24th, the identity of the mystery photo woman from March 17th was revealed to be Mrs. G. A. Wise of 117 8th Street, Seal Beach!

March_24_1949_Mystery_SB_Woman_revealed-3Today the Long Beach Transit Mall stands in the center of the street behind Mrs. Wise, and thousands of passengers used it daily to board the Long Beach Blue Line train. The building behind her, the building with the Worthmore Millinery storefront and the hidden camera, the Seal Beach house where she lived, and presumably Mrs. Wise herself are all gone. The whereabouts of the free ten-dollar hat she won remains unknown.

– Michael Dobkins

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