March 30th in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1958, the Long Beach Independent ran the following real estate ad enticing the reader to “Live At The Beach in smog free Marina Shores.” March_30_1958_Marina_Shores_Ad-3 Bordered by Bolsa Avenue and Bay Boulevard (now Seal Beach Boulevard, Marina Shores was developed by the Butler-Harbour Construction Co. and sold by Walker & Lee, Inc.. The new tract was promoted by five model residences on display at 600 South Shore Drive. Marina Shores homes were three or four bedroom homes with luxury baths, large family rooms, and color-matched kitchens. Some models featured built-in dishwashers and refrigerators. One of the five model homes had a large swimming pool and two separate patio areas. Terms started at $1450 down, $114 a month and were considered “ideal for families with an income of $600 a month or more.” 

– Michael Dobkins

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3 Responses to March 30th in Seal Beach History

  1. lonndoggie says:

    Wow. Never knew I lived in “Marina Shores”. We just called it The Hill. That’s awesome.

    BTW, I think this:
    “Terms started at $1450 a month, $114 a month…”
    should probably be
    “Terms started at $1450 down, $114 a month…”.


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