May 2nd in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1968, the Tastee-Freez chain published the following ad for its Tastee Two Fer promotion in the Long Beach Independent. For years the Tastee-Freez in the Seal Beach Shopping Center (listed as Pacific Coast Highway on Main St. in the ad) was a popular hang-out for teenagers, youngsters, and fans of affordable soft serv ice cream cones.

Three prizes were awarded on June 2nd at each Tastee-Freez location. Does anyone remember who won in Seal Beach?May_2_1968_Tastee_freez_contest_ad

– Michael Dobkins

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2 Responses to May 2nd in Seal Beach History

  1. Kari E Johnson says:

    Well, I wasn’t the winner but I’ll bet I entered; I loved that Tastee-Freez! I would have loved to have had that transistor radio.


  2. Anonymous says:

    That was my very first job!! Never fully mastered the perfect cone but oh how I loved their Taquitos!!! Anyone remember those?


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