May 9th in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1975, Gina’s Italiano Restaurant advertised its Mother’s Day specials in the Long Beach Independent. 

May_9_1975_Gina__039_s_Italiano_ad Don’t drive down to the Rossmoor Center to look for Godmother Gina or Lady Chef Sylvia this Sunday. They, the Italiano restaurant, and those 1975 prices aren’t there anymore.

– Michael Dobkins

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3 Responses to May 9th in Seal Beach History

  1. Michelle De Santis OTOOLE says:

    This restaurant was our family favorite !
    I grew up in Rossmoor and attended school 1st through 12th


  2. D. Asahina says:

    I believe that 12149 Seal Beach Blvd. was the site of Davio’s Italian restaurant from about 1982. Didn’t the building start out as a Taco Bell? And before the remake of Rossmoor Center I vaguely recall that it may have been yet another restaurant but with a Latin American theme.


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