May 10th in Seal Beach History

JH McGaugh

Jerry Hickman McGaugh

On this date in 1940, District Superintendent of Schools Jerry Hickman McGaugh gave Seal Beach schoolchildren extra cause to celebrate. Since the Memorial Day holiday fell on Thursday, May 29th that year,  J. H McGaugh announced that the school district would make Friday a day off and thus giving students a four-day weekend. Surely they must have spent the extra free time studying for their upcoming end-of-the-school-year final exams.

– Michael Dobkins

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2 Responses to May 10th in Seal Beach History

  1. Anonymous says:

    McGaugh was not even built in 1940!!!
    I was in the first class to attend all grades – we started the first year it opened… In the 1950’s


    • Michael Dobkins says:

      Jerome Hickman McGaugh, was the driving force in having the new school built on Bolsa Avenue in the fifties. It was the crowning achievement of his career in the Seal Beach school system and he retired when it opened. In tribute for his over three decades of dedicated and superlative service, the school was named after him, J. H. McGaugh Intermediate School.


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