May 13th in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1916, the newest and latest of all cabaret and dance cafes, the Wilcox Casino had its grand opening! Connie Conway and six other noted dancers from Los Angeles and San Francisco will introduce the newest dances of all the latest dances! Conway himself created this new dances exclusively for the grand opening!

The newest and latest casino has a kitchen with its own refrigerating plant under the management of one of the most famous of Chefs (unnamed, however), a 67 foot by 29 foot dance floor, tables for eight hundred people, and, wait for it, a new SEAL BEACH song –complete surprise! (Even though it was announced in the ad.)


Wilcox Casino didn’t last long under this breathless management. By August, H.W. Wilcox had enough unhappy creditors, including his wife who sued him for non-support, to fill the dance floor. The casino was closed under attachment, and that was the end of the casino under the Wilcox Casino name.

But, boy! Parking Space for 1000 Cars!

– Michael Dobkins

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