May 25th in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1939, you could enjoy entertainment by that well-known maestro, Raymond Jasper and His Five Counts of Rhythm while enjoying a 65 cent, 75 cent, or a one dollar dinner in Seal Beach’s very own happening night spot, Garden of Allah (and a lot happened there).


Garden of Allah was located at 800 Pacific Coast Highway. Over the years this same address has presented to discerning locals and coast highway commuters such fine establishments as Larry’s Goldfingers A-Go-Go, Surfer Girl A-Go-Go, Jack In The Box, and, for now at least, Fresh and Easy.

– Michael Dobkins

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2 Responses to May 25th in Seal Beach History

  1. At last, someone else acknowledges this place existed!! Will write you my story and recollections next week when I the opportunity… Thanks Marilyn & Michael for your good work and research, fun stuff!!


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