July 19th in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1973, the following ad ran for The Hungry Hamburger in the Long Beach Independent, promising “A SMILE IN EVERY BITE” to diners visiting 12161 Seal Beach Boulevard in the Rossmoor Center.

Yet another long gone Seal Beach eatery, The Hungry Hamburger was managed by Jack Hughes and the staff was made up of “pretty girls who serve a smile with each hamburger.” (If you’re not keeping track, that’s a smile on the side in addition to the smile in ever bite.) Some of the menu items served were the Little Hungry, the Hungry, and the Big Hunger (a monster hamburger with a 1/3 pound choice ground sirloin patty), hot dogs, shakes, soft drinks, and french fries. 

As is too often the case with these posts, The Hungry Hamburger didn’t last long past 1973, and thus we are all forced to console ourselves with the cuisine offered at In-N-Out Burgers, Five Guys,or any of the other fine local establishments serving burgers to a sad and hungry crowd .

Dr. Norman Pokras and Jack Hughes didn’t just co-own
The Hungry Hamburger, they also ate there.


– Michael Dobkins

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