December 5th in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1933, the following ad ran in the Santa Ana Register.

This has to be the saddest and most equivocating piece of marketing I’ve seen for a Seal Beach business. 

“As perhaps most of you know” sets an ambivalent tone for this odd pitch and is immediately followed with “this was one of the most famous rendezvous in Southern California.” It is always great marketing to remind potential customers that a business establishment’s best days are past.

“It is our earnest desire to furnish you with the same high class entertainment and fun for which the this Inn was so popularly known.” They sincerely want to provide you with the same experience that once was commonplace at “The Famous Jewel City Inn,” but they’re not making any promises.

“You May Dine and Dance until Daylight if You Wish.” Or you may not. It’s really up to you. Sheesh.

  In little over two years, the Jewel City Inn and what remained of the roller coaster and the Joy Zone would be completely demolished.

– Michael Dobkins

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