February 12th to 18th in Seal Beach History

Want to find out what was happening in Seal Beach this week in years gone by? Here’s a list of links to posts covering this week’s dates in Seal Beach history.

February 12th In Seal Beach History

Dr. J. N. Bartholomew and the action-packed case of the stolen Studebaker.

February 13th In Seal Beach History

Enjoy dinner in the morning and catch up on all the local social items.

February 14th In Seal Beach History

Seal Beach’s romance with its future city hall begins.


February 15th In Seal Beach History

Young Miles Fandry returns from the hospital to play with his Seal Beach chums.

February 16th In Seal Beach History

The Mercer Construction Company is sprucing up the Seal Beach oceanfront.

February 17th in Seal Beach History

The Seal Beach Improvement Association wants a new bridge over Anaheim Bay.

February 18th In Seal Beach History

The short show biz career of Gregarious The Cat revealed.




New “This Date in Seal Beach History” posts will return in 2019.

– Michael Dobkins

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