February 19th to 25th in Seal Beach History

Want to find out what was happening in Seal Beach this week in years gone by? Here’s a list of links to posts covering this week’s dates in Seal Beach history.

February 19th In Seal Beach History

News about Lieutenant Junior Grade Paul Swigart Jr., jet fighter pilot and son of the Glide’er Inn co-owner.

February 20th In Seal Beach History

Pacific Electric and the power plant are popular subjects. Today’s post intersects with both at Ocean Avenue & First Street.


February 21st In Seal Beach History

Just another typical sad and sordid Seal Beach story about crime and an off-campus coed dormitory.



February 22nd In Seal Beach History

This date’s post grapples with the musical question, “What’s the most expensive feature of a College Park home?”



February 23rd In Seal Beach History

Call the Seal Beach police, there’s danger at 225 17th Street in 1938.


February 24th in Seal Beach History

Starting with the last week’s Seal Beach Lions meeting, back to rum running in the Twenties, and then all the way back to the very beginning, alcohol has been a crucial part of Seal Beach history.


February 25th In Seal Beach History

Let’s all try to be mindful of the Dow of Chemicals on this date.



New “This Date in Seal Beach History” posts will return in 2019.

– Michael Dobkins

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