February 13th In Seal Beach History

On this date in 1924, the Santa Ana Register reported a number of Seal Beach related items. First and foremost was the announcement of a meeting that evening of the chamber of commerce where the committee on publicity was expected to… “have some suggestions to offer.” The reporter also teased that “other matters of interest would be” … duh-duh-dah… “taken up for consideration.”

After that dynamic and exciting announcement, it seemed almost anti-climatic to mention that the Ladies’ Aid Society would rather unconventionally serve dinner from 11 am (in the morning!) until evening (the customary time for dinner under most social circumstances). 

On Main Street, A new manager, Mrs. E. H. Anderson, took over The White House Cafe,  but for some reason, she did not follow the “dinner in the morning” trend that was sweeping the city that day. Further down the street, Miss Humeston opened the Colonial, a business specializing in general merchandise.

On the social scene, Mrs. Cargill was to be the hostess for a cards evening held in the home of Mrs. James Loftus. A few days earlier, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Smith were visited by weekend guests, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McCord of Santa Ana and Mrs. Elda Barmes of Gardena.

But it wasn’t all mingling and entertaining in Seal Beach that day. Henry Gade and his daughter, Mrs. Thelma Edmunds, were spending their last day in town before leaving for a new home in Anaheim. This sad news was balanced against the announcement that Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Conway had taken a cottage in The May Court on 7th Street. (Mrs. Conway was a cousin of Mrs. Quinn, don’t ya know.)

The article ended on a happy note. Mrs. C. B. Conner had recovered enough from a long illness to be able to sit up for several hours a day.

And that was the news in Seal Beach for February 13th ninety-five long years ago.

– Michael Dobkins

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4 Responses to February 13th In Seal Beach History

  1. Carla Watson says:

    Thanks for sharing…. Quite a lovely day. Once again, thank you for History Live! Best Aloha, Carla

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  2. Kathy Dolan says:

    Thank you for the interesting history article. Also, I was wondering if the Centennial committee is still selling merchandise. If so, where might I order it?Thank you, Kathy Dolan.


  3. Michael Dobkins says:

    There really isn’t a centennial committee anymore since the centennial is over, and I think the deadline for purchases was back in December. This blog is now just a private project of my own, and I am no longer affiliated with the city, the centennial, or founders day.

    Carla Watson, who was on the merchandising committee for the centennial left the comment before yours. Perhaps she can chime in as to whether there’s any merchandise left for sale.


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