5/25/19 UPDATE

We’re sliding into the final week of May, and 2019 is still on track for This Date in Seal Beach History to finally hit the goal of having a post for all 365 dates in a calendar year.

To date, 27 new posts were written this year — 25 to cover previously blank dates and two replacement posts that I thought worked better. I’ve also rewritten and added new research and images to some of the 303 posts from 2015 to 2017.

This leaves 37 remaining dates that require posts to written over the next 7 months. I’m sure I’ll also do some reworking of previous posts, but I’m almost halfway done.

This project takes a considerable amount of time and there are out-of-pocket costs for the subscriptions to genealogy and newspaper archives and the software I use to edit the images and photos I use in the posts. I don’t mind the time, but it would be gratifying to break even on the $50 I spend each month on this project.

If you’ve enjoyed these posts, Please consider either making a PayPal donation of any amount by clicking on this link. Your name will be added to our nifty sponsor page graphic, and I will personally be grateful for your support.

Michael Dobkins

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