June 15th in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1965, The Delicates appeared for one night only at Larry’s Goldfinger’s A-Go-Go with Adrian Lloyd IV and Donn Coats filling out the rest of the bill.

If Larry’s Goldfinger’s A-Go-Go is remembered at all today, it’s as a controversial topless spot that barely lasted for a few years at the old Garden of Allah location on Pacific Coast Highway in spite of the city’s efforts to shut it down. The location had an even briefer stint under the name Surfer Girl A-Go-Go (which seems appropriate since this address was right across the alley from Rich Harbour Surfboards) before ultimately being bulldozed to make room for a Jack-In-The-Box drive thru. Now a Fresh and Easy Market stands at this address, and the wildest thrill that would be tolerated here would be perhaps a gal in a halter top doing the froog while waiting to use the self-service register.

But fifty years ago, Larry’s Goldfinger’s A-Go-G0 spent a few months as a live music venue, and the above ad featured some local Southern California acts that were popular in the Long Beach area at the time.

The_DelicatesThe Delicates were a West Coast girl group that lasted a couple of years (not to be confused with an earlier group called The Delicates based in New Jersey). The Delicates recorded tracks for Challenge, Pulsar, and Soultown Records and were Brenda Joyce Evans, Billy Rae Calvin And Michelle Doe, although some sources include Alder Ray as a member of the group. Perhaps some pop music historians can leave some input and corrections in the comments section.

Thanks to Youtube, we can listen to some of the music that might have been heard from The Delicates in Seal Beach fifty years ago.

But wait! There’s more! Donn Coats and drummer Alvin Lloyd both had a varied history playing with a variety of bands, including together in a group called Alvin Lloyd IV, and they functioned as a house band for Goldfinger’s from June to September in 1965.

Adrian Lloyd


Donn Coats and The Playbacks made some recordings earlier in the sixties.


Coats was performing in the fifties as this clip from 1957’s “Rock Baby Rock It” shows.


Please, anyone with experiences and knowledge about these groups and performers, share in our comments section.

– Michael Dobkins

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4 Responses to June 15th in Seal Beach History

  1. bcxists says:

    Hey Mike… Cool write-up. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the Delicates, though I love what I heard on your post. Their producer, Art Freeman — if it’s the same guy I’m thinking of — was a semi-famous producer of singles on Atlantic Records in the ’60s, and before that he discovered Mahalia Jackson in the late ’40s. I’m sure it’s the same guy. I have even less to add about Donn/Don Coats, unfortunately. Adrian Lloyd, however, is a name that has crossed my radar a number of times. He was in a great surf instrumental band called the Rumblers, c. 1962-63, whose single “Boss” charted nationally and is still considered one of thee classic surf hits of that era. Lloyd also fronted a band called Adrian and the Sunsets, who did one LP called “Breakthrough,” which I think is an absolute classic, as well. He may have recorded more stuff with other bands later, but this is good research on your part. Adrian Lloyd is a figure that should probably be looked into more deeply. I hope that helps a little.


  2. Donna Coats says:

    I am Don Coats daughter. I love finding these things on the internet


    • Michael Dobkins says:

      I’m glad to hear from you, Donna. Your father was quite a talent. Listening to the tracks above makes me wish I could back in time and listen to your father and those other musicians perform live. It would have been a grand treat.
      – Michael Dobkins


  3. Carla Watson says:

    Great posts Michael. I do remember the Garden since I moved to SB in 1964.”, but I don’t believe I ever went there.


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