July 23rd in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1948, three and a half year old Frances D. Pedilla was rushed from an evening picnic to Dr. Homer E. DeSadeleer’s office with a portion of a hot dog stuck in her throat. The then 35 year old Dr. DeSadeleer cleared her throat of the blockage, allowing Frances to face other unrecorded challenges in her future and inspiring the following headline in the next day’s Long Beach Independent, “Tot Almost Chokes on Weinie.”

This was just one small incident in the much admired Dr. Sadeleer’s long medical career in Seal Beach.  You can find a lovely 2010 biographical article written by his family for The Sun by clicking here.   

Dr. Homer E. DeSadeleer passed away in 1988 and is still remembered fondly today.

 – Michael Dobkins

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