September 26th in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1969, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Mike Collins spoke to a jubilant crowd at the North American Rockwell (now Boeing) plant in Seal Beach across Bay Boulevard (now Seal Beach Boulevard) from where the second stage Saturn rockets were assembled. 

Neil Armstrong had become the first man to walk on the moon a little over two months earlier on July 20, 1969, but he was already looking to a future where larger space vehicles would allow for cooperative missions with both U.S. and Russian astronauts. He felt that manned space flights were “good mediums” for cooperation between nations. 

When asked if the Apollo 11 crew had heard from the Flat Earth Society about the moon landing, Armstrong joked that Mike Collins had suggested sending in applications.

Armstrong and Collins then left by helicopter to attend a celebration in Downey where the Apollo capsules were built.  

Also my baby brother Matt was born on this date in 1969.

– Michael Dobkins

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4 Responses to September 26th in Seal Beach History

  1. Lonnie Brownell says:

    Typos and such can be funny things, sometimes. I seem to recall the walk on the moon, was it really that long ago?

    “Neil Armstrong had become the first man to walk on the moon a little over two months earlier on July 2o, 1069…”

    (Also, that first paragraph might be missing a “where” in there near the end.)

    Your baby brother was born on that day, nice! My coincidental thing was that I grew up with Mike Collins — not the one that went to the moon back in the 11th century, rather the one that lived down the street from me in Seal Beach. We were both about 14 at the time.

    Last and most importantly, that’s an awesome set of photos. Thanks.


    • Michael Dobkins says:

      Yikes! I was actually typing this post in between going downstairs for Matt’s birthday dinner… and the opening of presents… and chocolate cake. I have no excuses for the other typos lurking about on the blog. The ones you noted have been corrected. Thanks for pointing them out.

      – Myke Dobkyns


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  3. Mike Collins says:

    I also remember being let out of class to watch the Saturn stage rocket travel by McGaugh school, we all hung on the fence lining Bay Blvd. ,later named S.B. Blvd, on it’s way to be loaded onto a Navy ship to be assembled in Ala. or Fla. I’m the other Mike Collins that Lonnie was referring to…. Hi Lonnie, it’s been a while! Mike 😎


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