November 9th in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1926, the following ad ran in the Arizona Republic.

While trawling through old newspapers for tidbits about Seal Beach’s past, I often come across interesting products and odd advertisements, but I’ll normally don’t share them here because they have nothing to do with Seal Beach. Today is a little different because this product has a testimonial from a Seal Beach housewife, Mrs. Roy J. Rowe.

Yes, I though the name was fake, but the 1926 directory lists a Roy J. Rowe living with his wife, Edythe in Long Beach, so it’s legit.

So without further ado, may be I present to you a product that barely lasted on the market for a year — Menth-O-Foam, the liquid dry shampoo!

Mrs. Roy J Rowe’s testimonial is as follows:

I certainly like Menth-O-Foam fine. It is so easy to use and saves time and much unnecessary work that the old way used to require. To prove what it has done for me, I’ll relate the following incident:  The first time I used itmy husband watched me all through dinner and finally remarked, ” Your hair looks beautiful tonight. What did you do to it?” When I told of using a new shampoo called Menth-O-Foam, he said, “You had better use it all the time if it makes your hair look that way.”

You’ll have to forgive Edythe, she was only twenty-one at the time. Roy was thirty-one and comes off as a little imperious to my early 21st Century sensibilities. Points for noticing his wife’s hair, though.

– Michael Dobkins

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