This Date in Seal Beach History Contest

As a fun capper to a year of daily posts here on the blog, I’ve decided to do something that has never been done before. There have been all sorts of historical reenactments from Civil War battles to Dickens cosplay to Renaissance fair pageantry, but as far as I know, no one has ever reenacted a limerick contest.

Ninety-five years ago today, The Los Angeles Times ran a limerick contest that challenged readers to finish a limerick that started “There was a young man from Seal Beach…”

Today we’re going to reenact this very same challenge. Come up with your own end to the same limerick:

There was a young man from Seal Beach,
Who held on to his dough like a leech,
He once spent a dime,
All at the same time,

E-mail it to by midnight PST, December 24, 2019. Please include your name, mailing address, and e-mail address. Also include a short bio that tells of your connection to Seal Beach, like so…

Polly Poetess
213 Iambic Way
Seal Beach, CA 90740
Polly Poetess is a charter accountant who lived in Seal Beach during from 1961-1973 and now bitterly regrets having moved away.


Victor Versifier
315 Pentameter Avenue
River City, Iowa 52819
Victor Versifier used to visit his grandparent in Seal Beach back in the nineties and now makes a living selling belt buckles made of cotton candy on Etsy.

On Christmas Day I will post a poll of all the limerick endings on the blog without any identifying info. Whichever limerick ending receives the most votes by midnight PST on New Year’s Eve will be declared the winner.

Way back on September 15th, I ran a long post about the day the Tom Laughlin filmed Born Losers, the original Billy Jack film on Main Street Seal Beach. In preparing that post, I had to laboriously transcribe the DVD commentary on the Seal Beach sections of the film, and I never want to see that film again. That means I have a spare used copy of the Born Losers DVD just taking up space. Hmm. What do, what to do? Ah-ha!

In addition the glory and honor that will be bestowed upon the winner of our reenactment limerick contest, he or she will receive the very same copy I used to research the Born Losers post via media mail in January. If that’s not motivation to get poetic, I don’t know what is.

Feel free to send as many entries as you like.

– Michael Dobkins

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