The Seal Beach Limerick Contest Winner!

I’m calling it early because the votes have been overwhelming for one entry, and I won’t be available tomorrow to post the winner. So, with any further ado — drum roll please — The winner is:


Rex wrote a bio for the contest which reads:

“Raised” in Seal Beach (maybe “reared” would be more accurate); less talented nephew of Cynthia and Kay Strother (the Bell Sisters)

Ninety-five years ago, The Los Angeles Times ran a limerick contest that challenged readers to finish a limerick that started “There was a young man from Seal Beach…”

For kicks and giggles, I decided to reenact the Los Angeles Times limerick contest in 2019 and solicited new endings to the limerick. Rex’s winning finish to the limerick won an overwhelming 41.38% of the votes.

There was a young man from Seal Beach,
Who held on to his dough like a leech,
He once spent a dime,
All at the same time, …

… To get the hell out of Long Beach!

This Date in Seal Beach History does not endorse such anti-Long Beach sentiments, but the public has spoken.

– Michael Dobkins

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2 Responses to The Seal Beach Limerick Contest Winner!

  1. Rex Strother says:

    I want to thank David Merrick and the Academy ….

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