Around 2:30 pm on the Fourth of July, this blog received its 200,000 view since its January 1, 2010 launch. I’ve been busy on non-Seal Beach projects for the past couple weeks, but I did want to celebrate and offer something in return for all the kind words, interest, and attention the THIS DATE IN SEAL BEACH HISTORY blog has received in all its various formats and purposes over the years.

On social media, I floated the idea of scheduling a Seal Beach History AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, and there seemed to be a little enthusiasm for such an event. So I’m going to do it!

(“It’ll be fun!” he said to himself, nervously wondering if he was making a big mistake.”)

I haven’t decided just yet whether this AMA session will take a form of a Facebook chatroom, a Zoom videoconference, or (as I’m favoring right now) just my writing answers to submitted questions and posting them here on the blog. I’ll have a better idea of what’s doable after I received your questions. Whatever form it takes, I’ll present it at some point in the next two weekends.

So between now and Sunday, August 7th at Midnight Pacific Standard Time, please feel free to ask me any question related to Seal Beach history or this blog, and I’ll do my best to research it. Please post your questions either below in the comments or send them to

I will compile a presentation answering as many questions I reasonably can.


Also, I will be resuming my research into 19th Century Anaheim Landing and pre-Seal Beach Bay City next month in preparation of a 2024 relaunch of the blog with new daily posts. A six-month subscription to the online newspaper archive I use costs $75. If you want to contribute towards that amount, donations can be made securely with most major credit cards directly through PayPal. Just click on to go to PayPal.

Every little bit helps. Thank you. 

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  1. Candice Jackson says:

    My grandmother is still the only living person from Anaheim Landing and still has her wits about her. Her folks owned the tackle shop, lived at the very end of the landing, made bathtub gin and was in the pocket of many officials, worked on the gambling boats offshore, and her aunt and uncle owned the bathhouse. I’ve mentioned in the past to you and you shed little interest but maybe with your new adventure into Anaheim Landing you would like some inside scoop and first hand accounting.


    • Michael Dobkins says:

      I’m sending an e-mail to the address I had for you back in 2022 right after I finish this reply. I think something can be arranged in the next couple weeks, but I’d like to talk to you first. If you’re at a new e-mail address, please send a message to me at (best not to share private e-mail address or phone numbers in public forums)


  2. Garry Herron says:

    Hi Michael, I’m wondering if you could dig up some history about the Pacific Electric Railway in Seal Beach and maybe the immediate area. The PE provided both passenger and freight services throughout its rail network. I’ve read both your postings about the PE and am hopeful that you can find more. Thanks.


  3. Meem Thomsen says:

    Hello Michael, Do you have any stories or information on former mayor, Stan Anderson & his family? They lived on Ocean Ave. in Seal Beach for many years. Thank you!


  4. Randy Barnaby says:

    I’d like to know about the seedier side of SB history. Gambling, bootlegging, brothels, organized crime, murder, intrigue, corruption? There has to be some political palm greasing.


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